About Emma


About Emma

Portrait photography by G Walker and Cassidy Hall.

Emma L Wallace

Amma Emma Wallace is an interfaith, self-ordained queer monk, artist and writer.

She is an artist in residence for those who need her, a founder member of the Queer Bloomsbury Group for the Charleston Trust, part of the AlterEgo network of visionaries, influencers and activists in culture and politics, and a founder member of the interfaith and vision groups of the global non-violent climate action movement, Extinction Rebellion. She hosts and supports gatherings, actions and individuals in the holy work of transforming cultures and preserving sacred ways of life.

Emma is the founder and Abbess of a radical new monastic community on land once in the possession of the Abbey of St Michel de Cuxa in the French Pyrenees, close to the birthplace of fellow Hermit-Monk, American peace activist Fr. Louis - Thomas J. Merton.

She is a former defence and security consultant and social technologies futurist turned conscientious earth protector and contemplative activist.

Her early interest in the fountainhead of religious and spiritual life, that of direct experience and mysticism, led her to follow an eclectic interfaith lineage of influential teachers from multiple traditions including : DT Suzuki, Trappist Monk - Thomas Merton, the Desert Mothers and Fathers of the early Christian monastic tradition, and founder of the Shambala Warrior Training - Tertön Chögyam Trungpa, amongst others.

The mission of Refugi is to embody places of stillness, stability, companionship, sanctuary and hospitality. To bring the power of silence, stillness and inner fire to the Great Turning. Refugi lovingly walks alongside the compassionate and powerfully wise individuals who are committed to the work of the Deep Adaptation to relinquish, restore and rediscover the world based on awareness of our union and interconnectivity with the earth, the heavens and all beings.

A hermit mystic and a prophet for the planet, Emma stands for what she stands on.

Emma is currently on pilgrimage in the UK and USA supporting the social and climate justice movements, returning to the mountain for retreat throughout the year. You can track her pilgrimage on Instagram.

Emma offers spiritual companionship and ministry to lost monks, sacred activists and seekers. You can contact her by email or phone.

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Upcoming Events

Note that unless an event is organised by Refugi, we do not have additional information about these events. Please get in touch with the organiser directly.

Thursday 2nd April - Saturday 4th April, 2020
Workshop: The Freeweaver - Sacred Activism, Prophetic Action and The Hermit-Monk
Thomas Merton Society of Great Britain and Ireland
2020 Conference: Contemplation and Fruitful Action. Oakham, Kent.

Past Events

Friday 30 August- Sunday 1 September, 2019 , 2019
Resident Monk and Preacher at Climate HQ: The Writer’s Retreat at the End of the World
A weekend for writers who want to explore climate change and the environmental crisis in their work.
The Quadrangle, Kent, UK
This event is sold out but learn more about the work and future events here.

March 28-31, 2019
Culture Declares an Emergency Assembly
A creative conversation, as part of London Climate Action Week, to explore the potential of Arts and Culture in a Planetary Emergency
The Roundhouse
London, UK

June 7-9, 2018
A Weekend in the Woods
Artist in Residence for A Midlife Invitation
Hazelhill Woods
East Grinstead, Wiltshire, UK

Saturday June 8, 2019
Launch of Queer House Tours
Part of the Queer Bloomsbury Initiative to discover Charleston’s radical groundbreaking history and the opportunities it presents as a site of investigation for current LGBTQ+ studies.
Charleston House
Sussex, UK

Monday April 15, 2019
Sacred Water Pilgrimage
Part of the Extinction Rebellion Week of Spring Actions.
Tower Hill to Westminster
London, UK

Monday April 15, 2019
Sacred Rebellion: Inner life, activism and our future
How our social movements can unite spirituality with action for deeper, more essential change.
St Ethleburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace
London, UK

October 15-17, 2018
We are Liminal Space
The Sustainability Centre
Petersfield, UK

Emma Wallace teaches primarily within France, the United Kingdom, and through online experiences. Emma is currently on pilgrimage in the United Kingdom with visits to the US planned for September and December 2019. We encourage you to explore the following options in addition to her speaking schedule above:

• Queer Monks (an upcoming podcast series on new monasticism in partnership with Cassidy Hall - Encountering Silence podcast, In Pursuit of Silence and Day of a Stranger)
• The Bear School (a year long program combining onsite and online learning)
• Refugi Meditations (regular email reflections)

If you’re organising an event or project at which you would like Emma to speak, be present or to contribute art works, please Contact Us.