Terms and Phrases

midrash — A Jewish term meaning consistently using questions to keep spiritual meanings open. Reflecting on a text or returning people’s questions with more questions

terma - གཏེར་མ་, Wyliegter ma; "hidden treasure" Thereafter, the terma tradition became a way for a fresh perspective, and fresh teachings appropriate to the time, to enter into the stream of Tibetan Buddhist teachings and enliven the more systematic teachings passed down from teacher to student in the usual way in the formal monastic schools. The belief is that these teachings were originally esoterically hidden by various adepts such as Padmasambhava and dakini such as Yeshe Tsogyal (consorts) during the 8th century, for future discovery at auspicious times by other adepts, who are known as tertöns.

terton - treasure finder, or revealer.

Sky Travellers: Tib. Db'a-wo or Mka-agro. Usually Mka-agro-ma. This term refers to goddesses or accomplished yogis who without effort can traditionally traverse whole mountain ranges and travel in both the physical skies and the heights of consciousness.