Things I find beautiful (or might be useful)

I have put various bits of draft pages and thoughts and messy minded things into one page here and called it “Things I find beautiful (or might be useful)”. It might be quotes, half thought-through thoughts or whatever. – I didn’t want to get rid of it, so its all here. In case you want it…

ordinary magic

This is about  stuff being ordinary >> accessible and applicable to everyone. Not out of reach or door shut type of stuff.

There is nothing mystical about it. If you want to grasp it, it is simple, open, and intangible, but it is very much there. It is no longer regarded as a fanciful, mystical experience. The Ashe is in you; it is in the cosmos. It is universal. — Chögyam Trungpa,

Ashe - the essence of life.


The Monk and The Artist

"Sorry I'm late Mother Superior"
"Oh what are we going to do about you Maria?"
"I don't know babe, I'm not cut out for this monostatic life."
"No one ever has been cut out for monostatic life."

 Pippa Evans and London HughesOne Night Only 2018

New Monasticism

In Genesis 1, God—who is Creator, Spirit, and Word (foretastes of what we would eventually call Trinity)—creates from an overflowing abundance of love, joy, and creativity. Humanity’s core question about our origins is whether the engine of creation is violence and destruction or overflowing love, joy, and creativity. Is our starting point love and abundance or is it fear and hatred? — Fr. Richard Rohr,

“But I'll tell you what hermits realize. If you go off into a far, far forest and get very quiet, you'll come to understand that you're connected with everything.” — Alan Watts

The True Heart of Bravery 

Heart inside house inside mountain…

Refer to this…

and bodhi-heart

Don’t try to push out the nightmare, and don’t try to bring in the bliss. Just rest your being in a state of basic goodness. If necessary, you can actually say to yourself: “Basic goodness.” It will help. Up to this point we’ve been exploring Ashe in the relative sense, how it manifests in our ordinary, everyday experience. At the absolute level, the Ashe principle is nonexistence, which here means being vacant or empty of duality. It is just open space. In the Buddhist tradition, nonexistence is referred to as shunyata. Shunya means “empty,” “not,” or “no.” Ta” makes it “emptiness,” “no-ness,” or “nonexistence.” Nonexistence is always in the background. Either it can be covered up or it can manifest, which allows us to work with this and that, good and bad, in the relative sense. In the Buddhist tradition, as we have discussed, we talk about vajra nature, which is the diamond-like quality of nonexistence that is absolutely indestructible. It does not have any bias toward good or bad. Similarly, the absolute Ashe principle is described as being like a diamond and impossible to destroy. You cannot wound or slash space no matter how sharp your sword may be. In the English language we talk about the hard truth, the hard facts of life. The Ashe principle is the hard facts and the hard truth that cannot be altered. There is nothing mystical about it. If you want to grasp it, it is simple, open, and intangible, but it is very much there. It is no longer regarded as a fanciful, mystical experience. The Ashe is in you; it is in the cosmos. It is universal. It is That. It arises in the form of a razor knife that cuts dualistic preoccupations and concepts of any kind. On the whole, this principle of basic goodness is non-ego, nothing to dwell on anywhere, but utterly sharp and superbly immovable and steady. It is monumental nonexistence. It is the essence of joining heaven and earth.

Bodhi-heart referred to a special quality of devoutness; here, however, in connection with the nectar, it means fluid or secretion--source of energy and compassion.

Terms and Phrases

midrash — A Jewish term meaning consistently using questions to keep spiritual meanings open. Reflecting on a text or returning people’s questions with more questions

terma - གཏེར་མ་, Wyliegter ma; "hidden treasure" Thereafter, the terma tradition became a way for a fresh perspective, and fresh teachings appropriate to the time, to enter into the stream of Tibetan Buddhist teachings and enliven the more systematic teachings passed down from teacher to student in the usual way in the formal monastic schools. The belief is that these teachings were originally esoterically hidden by various adepts such as Padmasambhava and dakini such as Yeshe Tsogyal (consorts) during the 8th century, for future discovery at auspicious times by other adepts, who are known as tertöns.

terton - treasure finder, or revealer.

Sky Travellers: Tib. Db'a-wo or Mka-agro. Usually Mka-agro-ma. This term refers to goddesses or accomplished yogis who without effort can traditionally traverse whole mountain ranges and travel in both the physical skies and the heights of consciousness.

Number 13

Hidden behind closed doors. Revealed after a storm. Acquired by magic.

journeymen project

In the spirit of the cathedral and monastery builders of the past, refugi draws on the age old traditions of the journeymen - the travelling masters, artisans and apprentices who brought visions into reality. We visiting artists, craftspeople and architects of the divine. 

Portals are doorways…

Space is the twin sister of time. If we have open space then we have open time to breath, to dream, to dare, to play, to pray to move freely, so freely, in a world our minds have forgotten but our bodies remember. Time and space. This partnership is holy. - Terry-Tempest Williams

Refugi and Company have a long history of creating spaces in which we can make our important work. Sometimes, and often seemingly against the odds, we find ways to keep them so that they may be used by others. These are the Portals; our collection of sacred buildings, art-works in and of themselves, connected, dynamic, gentle, accessible, open-hearted and available for you and your practice.

[A piece in here about the otherworldliness of Portals being doorways in time and space - Doorways, gateways, entrances. thresholds. Orientales - also refers to doorways. They are sentry/marker points, from the roman.]


Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, so if God has given you the ability to prophesy, speak out when you have faith that God is speaking through you. - Romans 12.6