We would love to hear from you…

If you would like to talk to us about something you want to bring into the world, feel a need to express or think you would might like to work with refugi and company in someway, please (and we mean that) do get in touch.

We ♡ you all and are at your service.


Call or message: 07515516049


Oh, and we like receiving letters…

It is a joyful thing to return home to the mountain to a postbox full of handwritten letters. If you would like to write to us, here is the address.

thisisrefugi, Maison Blanche
Fosse (Las Cabanes), 66220, Pyrenees-Orientales
Occitanie, FRANCE


Keep in touch…

We stay away from junk mail and making, well anything really, that isn’t essential or adds to the noise but we do have a mailing list where we (very occasionally, maybe once a year if it feels right) send out a little letter.

It’s mostly so we know who you are and could get in touch if we felt like there was something worth saying.

You can subscribe to that by following this link.