You can apply for residency in the main house at anytime during the year. There is a codex that captures the essence of the place and the practice. Please read the introduction to it before you apply.

If you are invited to stay there are two residency places. With visitors and guests who come and go.

The minimum stay is one month. We sometimes accept two week stay - please just get in touch. After completing the initial residency there is an opportunity to stay longer, up to one year. Committing to a year allows you to benefit from the seasonal rhythms of the schedule and deepen your practice.

There is a financial contribution of €450 per month which includes your accommodation, access to studio space and shared use of a car (over 21 with a full license). Food, drink, transfers and insurances are not covered.

Visitors and guests are welcome to stay next door in our converted barn, The Loft (sleeps 2).

Additional accommodation in the village is also available via Gites de France which we can organise for you.

*Couples are also welcome, sharing facilities as each room is a double.

contribution minimum stay
resident €450/monthly one month
resident couple €650/monthly one month
visitor €350/week one week
guest €75/night two nights

Or call/message/whatsapp +447515516049